July 17, 2011

Class Warfare: Get Ready for the Long Battle

Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, taking a shot at republicans, said in an ad this weekend: “We cannot rebuild America if they tear down the middle class.”  Exactly WHAT are they referring to?  This bellicose mantra will pervade the airwaves until the 2014 elections.  The middle class is under siege, not from conservatives but from the global economy.

Today the USA and the EU represent approximately 40 percent of global GDP while India and China are around 12 percent.  By the end of the decade India and China will be on par with the U.S. and the EU.  Our middle class will need to be retrained, reeducated, redeployed in enterprises where the U.S. can compete.  No longer will factories and the smokestack industries of the 20th century define our working class.  Innovation, development and intellectual property will define us in this century.  Liberals hold on to the notion that we just want to put things back the way they used to be, but that’s not how we will compete in the global economy.  Sadly, our government is not willing to give the American people a dose of this new reality.  Until they do, the middle class will sadly suffer.


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