August 18, 2011

How Is Taxing the Wealthy Fair?

Filed under: The People Problem — DoNP @ 9:02 am

What is fair? If I live in the same country, enjoy the same freedoms, the same security from our military, police and fire depts; if I have access for my children to the same public and state schools, libraries and national parks; I travel the same roads, highways, airports, and railways, and I’m going to get the same Social Security checks, the same Medicare and whatever other entitlements the government deems I need (whether I actually need them or not), how is me paying more for that fair just because I’ve earned more?  Maybe I’m a gifted artist or I studied long hours while my frat bros were drinking themselves sick and I graduated with honors, got a better job, took a risk and went to work for YouTube or when they were in a garage and got a few stock options, or I’m a savvy corporate manager and I worked long hours and devised great strategies and negotiated great deals for my firm and was rewarded with bonuses that they didn’t give others who weren’t as creative, didn’t put in the hours that I did, or come up with the great strategy.  Now, you say it’s my responsibility to pick up the tab for the people who didn’t work as hard, put in the time, create the cool code or design the great device?

I know there are some in our society who are truly poor, have no hope, need medical care, food and financial support. And I believe these people should be helped by those of us more fortunate. However, I loathe the notion that life is a zero-sum game, that my good fortune is just that, that I’m the lucky bastard who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, or somehow I tricked or fooled people into giving me more money, or that I used some nefarious means to gain my advantage and that I did all of that by taking it away from those less fortunate.  Fair?  What is fair?  Fair is I pay the same thing everyone else pays for the stuff our country provides all of us equally…that’s fair.  If you want me to provide for you because you didn’t, wouldn’t or haven’t, I say, that’s not “fair.”  Why should I work that hard just to give it to people who didn’t?


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