May 19, 2011

The USA’s Role in the Middle East

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Theocracy capitalizes on religious fundamentalism to control a people.  Although it may seem to be in our best interests to see totalitarian governments in Egypt, Libya and other Arab nations overthrown, there is a downside.   Supporting the establishment of a democratic system of government may be our role, but if it takes the U.S. or NATO’s presence in these countries, not to nation-build but to foment a secular government, then we MUST support it.  Leave that to chance  and we open the door to theocratic influences from Syria and Iran or even Saudi Arabia to fill the void, which could light a fuse that we can’t stamp out.

Lebanon is a perfect example of what happens when instability is left to languish in the Middle East.  Once a stable, harmonious amalgam of Palestinians, Sunni Muslim, Shiite Muslims and Christians, Lebanon’s secular, very hands-off Libertarian-like central government was the envy of much of the Middle East, but in an area of such unrest it was also its downfall.  Sharing a tiny border with Israel, Iran organized, equipped and funded Hezbollah to enter Beirut and to take over control of the country.  Hezbollah’s mission: clash and provoke Israel.  Today, there is no effective government in Lebanon but for the iron-grip held by Hezbollah.  To reestablish Lebanon will take certain war with Iran.  Should we care what goes on in the Middle East?  If you use oil and don’t think the U.S. should be carving up Colorado, Utah and Wyoming to get to oil shale reserves that could yield more oil than Saudi’s are sitting on, I guess you should care.


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