March 10, 2011

Saudi unrest (cont.)

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Like Rip Van Winkle the people of the middle east have finally woken up to the notion that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The UN sanctioned Libya for firing in it’s revolutionaries. If it’s good enough for Libya does it work for the Saudis? Does it matter the type if bullet?

When communism fell all of the western world celebrated it’s demise. Yet, while oppressive middle east monarchies and despots fall the west seems to be holding it’s collective breath. Clearly, oil is the mitigator of all attendant evils. So long as we have cheap gas for the Hummer, so what if the average Egyptian has never owned a car.

History will remember this moment and your children will know it just as you now think of Nazism and the fascism that lead to World War 2. The form of rule in the middle east is an anachronism and would have fallen decades ago if not for the sea of oil under its feet. Perhaps the Mayan calendar was intended only for those civilizations in existence when the calendar was set, although it seems unlikely the Saudis may make it to 12/12/12.


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