February 13, 2011

Egypt, Slavery and Lindsey Lohan

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Hosni Mubarek’s 30 year run as Egypt’s dictator fell this week because the people of Egypt finally figured out that they were being duped. While Mubarek and his corrupt cronies fed off the backs of the Egyptian people, their leaders, like in many Arab countries, focused the people on religious fundamentalism. Like the Saudi sheiks and the ayatollahs in Iran, the people of the Arab world are being held down by their governments through a public policy of returning their people to their fundamental Islamic roots.  Remember, the 911 hijackers were led by an Egyptian and 15 of the attackers were Saudi.  Both country’s governments are outwardly friendly to the U.S., but the people of those countries consider all Westerner’s and especially Americans infidels.   By distracting the people with religious reformation and denouncing western values, their governments keep the people distracted from what is really going on around them: oil sheiks getting richer, the ayatollahs more powerful and the dictators more oppressive.

Similar is what happened here in American during the 18th century when Christian fundamentalists were hired by the slave owners to bring Jesus to the slaves (the first Great Awakening). Christianity’s promise of a perfect afterlife, so long as you behaved well in this life, served to keep the oppressed “in line.” Enlightened whites and free blacks brought slavery down by revolting against it (the second Great Awakening), not unlike what just happened in Egypt.

Enter, Lindsey Lohan. Watching the news the other day, I was struck by the obsessive coverage of her misadventures with the law, drugs, larceny and her choice of wardrobe for a court appearance. Lohan is just one in a series of obsessions with anti-news. Anti-news is that genre of information that just takes up space. When commercial time on CNN costs over $10K per second, one has to wonder why so many of those valuable seconds are utterly wasted on Ms. Lohan.  Maybe it’s so you become addicted to this salacious anti-news, which in turn keeps you from having to hear about real news. Obama and Congress live for anti-news. They design their campaigns and appearances around anti-news, mudslinging commercials and character assassinations punctuated by the mere sound-bite of actual information.

Are we being fed this steady diet of anti-news to distract us from the real news: social security’s insolvency, a deficit that can only be paid-off by our children’s children’s children, 1 out of 10 people who want to work but can’t find it, small business lending that continues to decline in spite of the banks’ return to solvency (a solvency we the taxpayer paid for)?  The list goes on and on.  Did you know that Obama is considering disbanding Fannie May and Freddie Mac?  Do you know what they do?  Do you know what it means?

While we watch Dr. Drew convince once D-list celebrities to give up the pipe and booze, or Nancy Grace rail about Tot-Mom and what she ate for breakfast, or watch the discombobulated lives of teen moms, real shit is going on out there.  Get a clue people.  Until we wake up and get involved in the real news we are just wasting time wallowing in the trials and tribulations of Lindsey Lohan.  Watch how CNN now cites Us Weekly or TMZ as sources of the news they’re sputtering.  Seriously???  I even heard them attribute a story to Perez Hilton.  That would be like the New York Times citing The National Enquirer.

One day, soon I hope, the American people will take their country back, just like the Egyptians did this past week.  One day, I hope for our sake and for Ms. Lohan, that we stop caring about her problems and start focusing on our own.  Tick, tock people.  Tick, tock.


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