February 4, 2011

Narcissistic Supply – Keeping the Delusion Alive

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We all like positive reinforcement from people around us.  The narcissist extracts reinforcement much like an alcoholic extracts pleasure from drink.  It is his “high.”   His whole behavior is formulated to extract attention from others, good or bad, so long as the attention is focused on him.  His lifestyle, work, accessories, even his mate or companions exist to satisfy his boundless need for admiration and attention.  His self-worth is measured by the attention he receives.  He may be habitually late or keep others waiting simply to satisfy his need to grab attention from those he has inconvenienced.  He’ll gravitate toward people he admires and try to attach himself to them professionally to falsely elevate his own perceived professional standing.

But the false self is everything the narcissist is not, omniscient, omnipotent, rich, influential, well-connected, generous, loved or admired.  From his business partners or employees he demands constant attention and feedback, affirmation, admiration, approval, fear, respect and gratitude.  Should this demand for attention not be met the narcissist will resort to extortion through threats and intimidation.

To the narcissist attention and notoriety matter more than accomplishment.  His false-self can be a complete fabrication so long as someone believes him.  To the narcissist form is truly more important than substance.


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