March 16, 2010

We need health reform, not healthcare reform!

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If you want health insurance for all and you want it cheap there’s only one way to get it:  get healthy!  Sick people cost money.   Healthy people do not.  Doctors should be incentivized to get you healthy and keep you there.  The problem with that strategy is that YOU DON’T COOPERATE.  You want a pill or a medical procedure for everything that ails you no matter what you didn’t do all of your life to keep you from getting sick.  Sure, diseases like cancer can afflict the healthy, but the vast majority of disease processes happen because you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle.  Fat people have more heart disease, vascular disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease and clinical depression.  People who don’t exercise have more of all-of-the-above and arthritis, PAD, peripheral neuropathy (that’s the numbness in your fingers and toes) and (for you guys) erectile dysfunction.  So you can’t pick up girls, so don’t get much sex, so you also have higher incidence of prostate problems.

Wake up!  Doctors can’t make us healthy!  They can only preserve your life (or on some level your quality of life) while you progress through a disease that will likely kill you.  GET OFF THE COUCH!  Then ask us tax payers to pick up the tab for helping to keep you alive.


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